Oregon Trail Groundcovers

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Nestled in the beautiful Willamette Valley, Oregon Trail Groundcovers has been your trusted Vinca grower since 1977, with new and traditional products of Vinca Minor and other groundcovers. 

Groundcover Uses

For the Traditional Garden...

The nostalgic periwinkle-blue flowers of the variety Bowles evoke memories of homesteads and historic gardens where Vinca (commonly called myrtle) was always seen.

To Brighten a Dark Area...

The variegated forms of vinca add a spot of gold even in shadows beneath large shrubs. Our Blue & Gold is an excellent 'brightener', used this way. Ralph Shugert (PP 6960) with its deep green foliage crisply outlined in white is wonderful!

“Every Garden Should Have Some White In It...”

The traditional Alba and the dwarf plant Miss Jekyll have white blossoms which do so much to highlight their own and other plants' colors.

For Underplanting Bulb Beds...

Vinca makes a wonderful companion for assorted bulbs, not competing with them but creating a carpet below those flowers, and continuing the bed beautifully when foliage of the taller plants is spent. Choose a color to compliment your blooming bulb plants.

Especially for Small Spaces or Underplantings...

Both the white-flowering Miss Jekyll (a true dwarf) and the burgundy-blossomed Atropurpurea (very low growing) are particularly well suited for filling-in defined areas and underplanting shrub beds in the garden.

And Other Uses...

An edging of a taller, mounding variety such as Bowles can create a miniature hedgerow, or flank a paved walkway to great effect. They can even substitute for shrubs where a low foundation planting is desired on a house that hugs the landscape.

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